About Me

A seasoned deep learning researcher with over 7 years of experience with a proven track record of developing industrial-grade AI solutions and conducting cutting-edge fundamental research at the intersection of Neuroscience and AI. My expertise lies in the research and development of brain-inspired vision models, and I have proposed several state-of-the-art methods for adaptable and reliable AI models suitable for lifelong learning. My work has led to several publications at top-tier AI conferences and patents. I have applied my unique mix of software development and research skillset providing novel industry-grade AI solutions for various applications. 



Research Focus

My primary focus is to develop the next generation of reliable and adaptable AI models that are inspired by the underlying mechanisms and learning principles of the human brain which can effectively learn and operate in our dynamic and complex environment. This holds the potential towards achieving the overarching goal of bridging the gap between the learning capabilities and functional behavior of Humans and AI systems.